1)  Your French Gift, LLC is an American company!


ISABELLE B, a French native, is the owner of Your French Gift, LLC which is located in the USA, in the State of Massachusetts.
Since we are a US-based company, you can buy French products without worrying about import conditions, customs controls or customs taxes.
You are protected by American regulations. No Risk! No surprises for you!
Of course, another advantage is that the delivery is much faster than buying from France!


2)  When you buy in our store or on our web site, you are sure to buy exclusively authentic French items!

Isabelle B‘s product selection is made of high-end products exclusively designed and made in France.
It is not “French Style” or “French Touch”, but real, authentic French items!
These products are directly imported by Your French Gift, LLC or they are bought by us as the exclusive agent of the French manufacturers or French brands in the US. Many of them are distributed exclusively by Your French Gift in the US.
All our products must meet certain standards of Beauty, High Quality, Newest Designs...
Many of the selected brands were awarded for their exceptional “Savoir faire” (know-how) and for their constant creativity, maintaining a tradition of excellence. They represent French Heritage and The Very Best of France!



3)  When you shop at Your French Gift by Isabelle B., you will find the best selection of beautiful and refined products for every occasion!

All the products at Your French Gift have been selected because of their artistic beauty, originality, and high quality.
They are new and the latest fashion in France.
We work hard to make sure that you’ll find the perfect gift for each and every occasion!
That is why at Your French Gift, LLC, you‘ll find quality gifts for a low budget as well as extravagant expensive gift items for special occasions. We understand that each purchase is for a unique individual who deserves a gift from your heart, and we know Your French Gift item will be truly unforgettable!



4)  At Your French Gift by Isabelle B., you are sure to find the best prices!

We strive to maintain the best prices for you, despite exchange rate fluctuations, customs and shipping costs.
We are proud to be the exclusive distributors in the US for many carefully selected French products.



5)  If you shop in our store or on our website www.yourfrenchgift.com, your gifts are presented in luxurious packaging.  For a small charge, we also provide beautiful gift wrapping to fit each lovely item you choose.

We hold to great standards the presentation of our French products.
Our beautiful gift boxes are such a pleasure to open and to keep as a gift box or recycle for another use.
For a small fee, we can also wrap your gift in the French tradition!



6) Your French Gift, LLC guarantees your complete satisfaction with the products you purchase.

We care deeply about the complete satisfaction of our customers.
We are sure you‘ll be delighted by your shopping experience at Your French Gift by Isabelle B.
For additional information of any kind, don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone.  We will be happy to help you choose a perfect item for someone special, and to answer any question you may have about our products or services.
Take a look at our returns and exchanges policies and you will be convinced we truly believe in the beauty and quality of our products.



7) Your French Gift, LLC offers “Service à la carte”

You can contact us for special requests.
For example:
You would like a different color, or different material.
You would prefer a faster/alternative shipping method.
You would like to personalize your gift.
You would like to order a specific item from one of our manufacturers, that you do not see available at our online store or in our brick-and-mortar store.
You want to order a certain quantity of gifts, for special occasions, for example: bridesmaid gifts, usher gifts, party favor gifts...
You are interested in a B to B relationship with us.